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it rained

finally yesterday it rained as you know im from Saudi Arabia . we dont have a lot of rain . so yesterday it finally rained.



yo every body ill be busy for the next 2 weeks because of the finals so this might be my last post for a month or less

wish me luck in the finals

finals are here

tomorrow i begin my final exams . wish me good luck . 

today i played basketball

today i played basketball and i found out that i really need to hit the gym . i have no stamina at all so after the finals the first thing is to hit the gym  .

im bored

im bored all i do is study and sleep. i cant do anything else because i have finals

who didnt watch one piece dont read this

ace died the first character to die in front of our eyes in one piece. fire fist ace is dead .

messi won the fifa best player award

Lionel messi  won the 2010 fifa award for best player. i am  a big  fan of Barcelona and my favorite player is messi but i think he didn’t deserve to win the 2010 golden ball award i think  xavi  deserved  it more

my top comedy 4 tv series

these are my top comedy  4 tv series

1- how i met your mother

2- the big bang theory

3- Seinfeld

4- war at home

please leave a comment and what are your top 4comedy  tv series

why other characters are better then the main character

in anime the main character is rarely the best character in  the anime .most of the time our favorite character is not the main charcter

like Naruto, one piece , bleach , and fairy tale those anime there are other characters who are better then the main character .

please leave a comment and say who is your favorite character in those anime .

asia cup

the golf countries in asia cup are playing real bad. ksa is out,kuwait is out . they played 10 matches and won 2

the golf countries who are in asia cup:( Saudi Arabia , Kuwait, Qatar , Iraq ,UAE and Bahrain)

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