my top comedy 4 tv series

these are my top comedy  4 tv series

1- how i met your mother

2- the big bang theory

3- Seinfeld

4- war at home

please leave a comment and what are your top 4comedy  tv series



  1. Dr. Mohammed Said:

    FAIL !!!! X(
    come ON seinfeld ??!!!!!!!
    dude i’m 100% with U for how i met your mother, the big bang theory and the war at home .. 🙂
    But seinfeld ??!! where the hell is 8 simple rules ?? according to jim ?? joey ?? modern family ?? even friends is better than seinfeld
    anywaaayz for me it’s: (order doesn’t matter)
    – The big bang theory
    – The war at home
    – How i met your mother
    – According to jim

  2. did you watch seinfeld its one of the best . its enough it has kramer

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