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call of duty black ops

Today i will be babbling about the game you all been waiting for or the game you don’t want it to be in stores . COD BLACK OPS  in stores 9 Nov 2010 . In this new version they added some cool weapons and equipment . you have a camera u can put it and it appears on the left of your screen  and there is also the exploding car  were you drive it and control it. the is almost like predator missile but i don’t think its a kill streak but when you use it you cant see whats around you. The camera  in black ops is my brother favorite because when we play multiplayer  he is always looking at my screen he can play while looking at my screen. know he can say you were in front of my camera . there are lots  of videos on you tube. My favorite until know is the wager match .  if you don’t know it watch this video  (