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Katekyo Hitman Reborn part 1 (Tsuna family)

hello i promised every body i will enter this a long time ago but i got lazy and busy so sorry for the long  wait.

so i divided this to 4 different parts first is tsuna family

tsuna: is the tenth vongola boss he has a sky ring he is realy strong when he is protracting his family  he always says he doesnt want any thing to do with the mafia .

Gokudera : is the tenth right hand man he always fights with everybody and has a bad personality even though he is my favorite character he has a storm ring but can use other rings.

Yamamoto : has the rain ring he always smile at any situation and he is a baseball player

Hibari : has the cloud ring and just wants to fight with everybody he always says im going to byte you to death

lambo : is the crying baby he has the lightning ring he is very strong when he groes up in 20 years he has the ten years bazoka

Ryohei Sasagawa : has the sun ring he always pumped up  and his catch frase is to the extreme .

Chrome Dokuro : has the mist ring  she is conected to  Mukuro Rokudo wich was an enemy but know sometimes he acts like an ally but we dont know anything about his antentions he gave chrome fake organs by using  illusions.

Kyoko Sasagawa : is a girl Tsuna has a crush on, and is in the same grade as he . she is very kindhearted and cheerful, and loves her older brother Ryohei .

Haru Miura : she has a crush on tsuna  and always dresses in wierd customs.

I-Pin :is a kid who always play with lambo  and is also an assassin .she is very shy .

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next post about Katekyo Hitman Reborn

many people entered my blog searching for information or wallpapers  about Katekyo Hitman Reborn . so in my next post ill give you some information and wallpapers just wait 3 to 2 days because i have exams know.

hitman reborn

hello this is an animation named katekyo hitman reborn  its the anime that i just started watching . when the anime starts it starts a little boring but at episode 18  or 20 it changes to another level . this anime is mainly about mafia which was a game that we played when   i was growing up me and my cousins . we even made a movie it was cool and mostly funny because we are all great actors. the main character is sawda he is supposed to be the next mafia boss . its a great anime  but you got t keep watching. you may get bored at the beginning  but the beginning talks about the characters. so you just get to know the main characters .