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the exams are close

we have one week until the final exams begin. my first exam is on the 19/1/2011 and i finish at 29/1/2011 wish me good luck

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im back


sorry for not writing anything on my blog for the past weeks. i had some problems but this week i will be putting   4 posts and maybe are some wallpapers .these wallpapers are not made by me.

about me

hello sorry for this late post there was a problem with the connection i up graded to 4 mb  but my modem was old so i had to use a new one but it finally works. So i said i will give you some info about myself. I’m a KFUPM student  from  Saudi  Arabia . Im 20 years old in January  i will be 21. I drive a red Altima (Nissan).  I said im going to tell you why i love this name . Its because around 8 years ago in middle school me and a couple of my friends were into games so we decided to give a name to every person i chose shadowmonster after one of my favorite characters shadow wich is in sonic for dose that dont know him here is a wallpaper. hes the black one even tho sky blue my favorite friend chose the hellmonster , dark master ,zidane monster and monster boss