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The NBA cancelled the preseason games because the players are refusing to play and if the owners and the players do not reach an agreement the hole season can be cancelled .


finally midterm break

man this semester was really stressing   from the first week we had quiz’s but im doing in everything well except MIS 215. so sorry that i wasn’t active this semester  here are some wallpapers

finals are here

tomorrow i begin my final exams . wish me good luck . 

who didnt watch one piece dont read this

ace died the first character to die in front of our eyes in one piece. fire fist ace is dead .

asia cup

the golf countries in asia cup are playing real bad. ksa is out,kuwait is out . they played 10 matches and won 2

the golf countries who are in asia cup:( Saudi Arabia , Kuwait, Qatar , Iraq ,UAE and Bahrain)

my car almost died

on the 3rd of November an accident almost took my car away even though nothing happened to me know its almost ready to go.

im back


sorry for not writing anything on my blog for the past weeks. i had some problems but this week i will be putting   4 posts and maybe are some wallpapers .these wallpapers are not made by me.

The Expendables

The Expendables when i first saw the trailer of this movie i was thrilled because of the actors of the movie jet lee (one of my favorite ), Sylvester Stallone ,Jason Statham and more actors but the movie was really bad no great story ,no cool moves . The only cool thing is how they used the knife in the movie the rest was nothing to talk about .

hitman reborn

hello this is an animation named katekyo hitman reborn  its the anime that i just started watching . when the anime starts it starts a little boring but at episode 18  or 20 it changes to another level . this anime is mainly about mafia which was a game that we played when   i was growing up me and my cousins . we even made a movie it was cool and mostly funny because we are all great actors. the main character is sawda he is supposed to be the next mafia boss . its a great anime  but you got t keep watching. you may get bored at the beginning  but the beginning talks about the characters. so you just get to know the main characters . 

first blog

Hello everybody this is my first blog .At first i didn’t know what to write for my first blog  but then i decided to write about what my blog is going to be about . In future blogs i will be writing about movies, animation, TV series, music,games, wallpapers and some of my life moments . In my   second blog i will talk about my name  SHADOWMONSTER  and its short history and some info about me .

thanks every body